One of our services is, we are an official registered agent for RAKIA, which is listed below here. We also provide different kinds of services.

Registered Agent for RAKIA

Choose Offshore
If you are planning to set up a company in UAE with 100% foreign ownership an offshore company is the best option as it provides you tax-free jurisdiction for international banking and company incorporation.
Off shore companies are popular among the business entities and cooperates  who wishes to invest in off shores for saving tax, asset protection, confidentiality of identity, favorable laws and regulations and the simple formalities and procedures in setting up and continuing of an off shore entity.
Ras Al Khaimah Offshore, RAKIA
RAK OFFSHORE offers businesses and individuals a wide range of comprehensive services and structures that are dedicated to non-residents. RAK OFFSHORE also benefits from one of the most comprehensive lists of non-double taxation treaties in the world, (including) with China, India, Italy, France and Germany.
Advantages of RAK Offshore:
• 100% income tax exemption
• 100% corporate tax exemption
• 100% capital and profit repatriation
• 100% ownership in Free Zones
• No capital gains tax
• No Value-added tax
• No Withholding tax
• Proximity to entire Gulf and global markets
•Low start-up costs
•Absolute privacy, confidentiality and protection of assets and information
•100% foreign ownership
•Ability to maintain bank accounts (Current Account) in the UAE
•It is a Limited Liability company
•Minimum one director required, one shareholder and one secretary ( it can be the same person )
•Own real properties in the UAE
•Annual Audit Report not required to be submitted to the Authority
•Time frame of 24 hours
•It does not require the shareholder/director to be physically present in the UAE for incorporation
•No restriction on nationalities
A RAK Offshore Company set up shall be only through a registered offshore agent who will undertake the procedures and formalities of registration will take care of all the administrative and legal matters related to the establishment. The office of the registered agent will also act as the registered office of the offshore company. National Group of Advocates is a Registered Agent of RAK offshore and Rakia.
Our Services
1.      As an approved RAKIA Registered Agent NGAL provide a comprehensive range of Registration services in competitive rates.
2.      We provide timely updates of the registration process.
3.      We will extend our services even after incorporation and represent the client as their Registered Office.
4.      If they wish we will advise you and support you in all your legal issues related to the Offshore Company
Company setup (offshore and onshore) in Free zone
We present you the service of a dynamic team expertise in company formation and advising the clients on company setups with minimal tax and liabilities whether it is local or international, offshore or onshore.
You can contact us at any time or walk-in to our office for our assistance.

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